Seed's consulting work with IBM has spanned more than 7 years and several divisions including corporate, internet, software and consumer. Projects have included strategy creation, internal transformation projects, press, industry consultant, and financial analyst briefing planning and production as well as video production.

Seed worked with the Corporate Communications group to devise IBM's "e-business" stategy. (Seed principal, Nancy Raff, coined the "e-business term for IBM in October, 1996.) The strategy was unveiled in a series of press, industry consultant, and financial analyst briefings beginning in November 1996. They changed the playing field by being first to claim the space that what mattered was doing real business with the internet. Doing real business on the web meant combining the power of the internet with the hpower of all the business-critical systems that IBM offers – a perfect redefinition that created a new category that IBM still dominates.

It seems obvious in retrospect, but that November briefing completely changed how the press, industry, and competitors began talking about the internet, and IBM's role in it. (clips)