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proofpictures Attention spans are shorter and shorter. And the web has requirements of its own–especially in video. It's still the most powerful tool in the arsenal, but it has to be attention-grabbing, quick, to-the-point, and full of hard information. We make something that takes advantage of both trends.

1 + 1 = 3. Instead of trying to tell the whole company story, each addresses one telling aspect of the company: the latest in products, the most significant deal just closed, the most powerful end-user story, the best "green" innovation...whatever is strategically important to tell. These videos bring to life significant aspects of the brand's personality and the audience fills in the spaces between. The big story emerges powerfully through its extraordinary and often little-publicized parts.

It's a special kind of short-form video. It's the little picture. You tell it repeatedly, you tell it well, You use them as a collection, you use them individually. To do these things, you need strategic clarity and positioning smartness. And you have to know how to make films. Very short ones.