Meet the New HP (HP/Compaq merger): On day one of the new HP there was a need to introduce the two companies to each other... for them, literally, to meet the new HP. And, of course, to fall in love with it.

Creating the Launch: working closely with HP, Seed created the employee launch plan for the merger and produced several parts of the project itself.

A web project we designed for the event - which we called "First Person Plural" - created an almost instantaneous communication from the people who actually do the work to each other. We sent teams of photographers and journalists to sites around the world to document "day one." Employees were asked: "What are your hopes for the new company?" What they sent back that day was then shared online, real-time with the rest of the company.

Amid some degree of skepticism and uncertainty, the efforts had to have a tone of fact and honesty. It was to be the first note in a series of communications aimed at creating a new culture.

The effect was tremendous: printed posters from the event sold out on the web in 36 hours. The audience was on its feet cheering that day through the video presentation of the project that occurred before executive presentations. One year later we were asked to do the project again - involving 300 employees in 9 cities worldwide.

For the next month, this intramural, web-based documentary became the 4th most visited web page by HP's – at that time – 125,000 employees (right after the stock earnings page).

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